The world’s most expensive things


The nice thing about being rich and famous is that you can afford to be overly eccentric, and a large part of the public won’t laugh at you. That’s why these guys buy ridiculous things at even more ridiculous prices – just because they can.

This list comprises of such things that we might never be able to – or want to – afford in this lifetime. But at least they make great pieces of info for Trivia Night or Pop Quiz games.


‘Dead Shark’ art

A few months ago, the news media was swept by an artist who created a very controversial art piece. It is basically a dead tiger shark, which some say was already dead when the artist added it in a tank full of formaldehyde, a toxic substance used to preserve all kinds of dead bodies. Others are not so sure.

“Dead Shark” was designed by an English artist named Damien Hirst in 1991, but recently, it was bought by an anonymous hedge fund manager, who clearly didn’t know what to do with his money, for 12 million USD, making it one of the most expensive art pieces in the world.

‘’ & ‘’

Honestly, no one would have thought that common domains name will get so expensive as they are today. And most certainly nobody thought they would become some of the most valuable things in the world.

Two well-known domains, &, were sold for the ridiculous sum of 35.6 Million USD and 16 Million USD. This only shows you that the insurance business is very lucrative if the elite can afford to spend this crazy amount of money on a few words.


Designer shoes

How many pairs of designer shoes would you buy for $2 million? To one person, the answer was one. The glitzy shoes made their debut in 2014 when America’s Got Talent Nick Cannon appeared on the stage wearing the colorful Tom Ford shoes.

Later on, they were valued at $2 million by experts, after the Internet went crazy for them. The sparkling pieces contain at least 14,000 full-cut white diamonds set onto white gold, making them the most expensive shoes ever crafted.

Say yes to the expensive dress

And while we are covering this topic, we should also mention the most expensive dress was appraised at $4.8 million. The revealing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” piece the beloved Marilyn Monroe wore in 1962 to serenade our ex-president John F. Kennedy, was sold at Julien’s Auctions in Los Angeles last year.

The previous record holder was held by the iconic white dress worn by the same blonde bombshell in her “Seven Year Itch” motion picture, which only attests that her popularity didn’t decrease even years after her tragic death.


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