How I managed to get a great microscope for coins


Coin collecting is a hobby many take up as children and carry out throughout their adult lives. I for one can still remember the first coin my grandfather gave me from his own collection and how much that simple gesture meant to me, as it transformed me into an avid collector. No matter how you came to love this hobby, collecting coins is an activity closely linked to the pleasure of paying attention to each and every detail. To me, searching for the history, the individuality of every coin is something that offers me both satisfaction and delight. However, to be able to do so, a coin collector needs the right equipment and, sometimes, knowing what to buy I a tad difficult. Therefore, today I have decided to share with you the story of how I managed to get a great microscope for coins.

Before settling for a microscope, I have to admit that I was still in doubt either or not I really needed such a device. The reason why this happened was because I ever actually knew whether or not I wanted to make such an investment. So, as a result, I decided to do a little net surfing and I have soon realized the extent of the many advantages a microscope for coins has to offer.

Next, I started searching for interesting features I should look for in a microscope. Soon, I had a new revelation. My new acquisition had to be easy to use and offer a generous magnification rate. Also, because I want to share my collection and discuss certain coins with fellow collectors that are not in the same state as I am in, I needed a device that I could easily connect to my notebook, be able to take photos and make small video recordings of my coins.

Another feature I realized I had to pay attention to was the size of the device. Because collecting coins has become an important part of my life, a few years ago I actually designed a small workshop where I keep my collection and spend time analyzing different coins and research additional information about them. So, another aspect I had to have in mind was the size of the device, as I wanted it to perfectly fit my work table.

Lastly, another thing you should keep in mind is how much exactly you want to invest in your new device. Because I’ve been in your shoes, I suggest you don’t rush into making a big investment. So, don’t buy an expensive device if you will only use it once or twice a week. Although more expensive models come with additional features, a model bought at half the price is equally capable of offering you the magnification range you need to enjoy studying your coin collection.

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