How to evaluate your coin collection


Owning a coin collection is a sign of valuing the art and the history. We use money as a method of payments and transactions but the truth is that how often do you pass by a coin on the street and think of how did it get there or whom did it belong to? This behavior is normal because people have been thought to appreciate money as an object and not as a form of beauty. A coin collector, on the other hand, sees beyond that and knows that each crack or chip has an untold story ready to be guessed. Evaluating your coin collection is a tale of making an assumption and seeing value where nobody else sees. If you want to know how to appreciate what you have stocked until now I will give you a few precious tips that you should take into consideration.

First, do your research. Learn about each coin that you have and see if you can find interesting facts about it, like how many copies are left, when was it made and so on. It is very important to keep them in your collection I a specific order. Of course, the most valuable ones will always find a way to stand out.



Hold back your desire to clean them or even worse, to polish them. Making them shiny and new will decrease their value substantially. By applying substances on the coin surface, you destroy the patina and therefore its ability to stay intact for a longer period.

Use a good magnifier to observe the fine details and try to see the beauty in every coin. Admire the work of art, the lines, the small features or anything that catches your attention. Make notes of everything you see, including imperfections. Some buyers like coins that aren’t perfect while other have a fixation with the toning. No matter what, always keep your collection up to date and write down information or observations. You can build a personal system and follow the rules or simply make coin cards. The more details the merrier.

Look at the coins from your collections and see if there are signs of wear. Learn to distinguish between color fading and wear signs. Pay attention to everything and examine the coin using a circular method, clockwise. This is very useful because you can focus on one part at the time instead of wondering your eyes on the entire layer.

In the end, don’t forget that each coin has its worth. Maybe you have coins in your possessions that belong to someone dear but can’t be sold for much. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep it in your collections. You evaluate a collection both mentally and emotionally.


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